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HELLO, hello, hello!


I graduated from the University of Kansas in May 2018. I majored in Visual Communications (Graphic Design) and earned certificates in both Entrepreneurship and Service Learning. My love for finding new creative outlets has no bounds, and art has well and truly become my LIFE.

When I’m not working or printing t-shirts for my shop, you can find me binge watching a new show or at Starbucks trying some ridiculous new latte because someone named it after Steve Harrington.

Some of my favorite past times include photography, playing guitar and writing songs, talking to my sisters or Maria, reading, obsessing over Marvel theories, mixing drinks (literally nothing better than a good Old Fashioned), playing with my puppy Pooka, traveling with my family, listening to music in my car, or dancing in my kitchen as I try out yet another pasta recipe. I do my best to spread kindness and light, and love finding magic in the little moments.


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